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Becoming A Super Villian

Evil Condom Boy

Deciding on a Super evil name :

  • Choose a name that suggests evil, sneaky, and cunning, e.g. Dr Evil, Death Man, Mr. Invincible or Injusticeman.

  • Don't have a nice sounding evil name e.g. Mr Girly man, Bunny Boy or The Incredibly Nice Guy.

  • Don't necessarily use a name just because it is opposite to your nemesis e.g. Not-Superman, Wonder Man or The Continuous Light.

  • You want to sound chaotic but not too much: Dr Disorganised, Captain Bored, Increadible Inattention, Inexactness Lad or Never-Get-Any-Thing-Done-Girl.

  • Don't have a name that could be confusing: Kssdfdfn Akasdasj or The Red Black and White Avenger.

  • You should have a morbid and oppressing name, but not too much: Increadibly Depressed Girl, Drooping Spirit Man, Weariness Lass or Major Dejection.

  • You should always have a name that contains X's and Z's: Zyro! ZreXitron or XatRicon.

  • Dont pick a name just because it starts in those letters Radioactive Zebra or Dr. Xylophone.

    Even as a young man Herbert The Old Crazy Guy never really fitted in
  • You shouldn't have a name that sounds young: Rat Boy, Little Buddy, Junior Evil or Toddler Sam.

  • One of the coolest thing about being evil is that you can pick a really politically incorrect name and no one can tell you off: Bigot Boss, The Increadible Smoking Guy or The Racist Racer.

  • You can pick a name that isn't mainstream because everyone hates you anyway: The big Tiddly Wink, Dungeon and Dragon Master or Chess Lord.

  • You should have a name that is related to death and destruction but be carefull not to use past-tense adjectives : Dead Man, Demolished Guy, or Annihilated Guy.

  • You should really pick a theme like: The Penguin, The Joker or Candlemaker.

  • Make sure you think about that theme: Home-Decorator-Guy, The Porky Elephant or The Great Big Cabbage are really crap.

  • Don't choose a name detrimental to your image, e.g., Captain Goodness, Dr. Not-That-Smart or The Increadibly Afraid Man.

  • You shouldn't pick a long name that people don't understand: Turbo Triumliterarum (Thief), Dr Skeesicks (Bad person) or Captain Trucidation (The act of killing).

  • You want to sound evil, but not like how a good person would describe evil: The Increadible Mischief-Maker, Sergent Naer'Do'Well, Naughty Boy or Larrikin Lad.

  • Make sure if you pick a name, you make it a firm sounding name - don't be wishy-washy: Captain-Sort-of-Naughty, Pretty Evil or Quite Nasty.

  • While you should be negative choose your word carefully: Bad Boy, Poor Quality Girl, Hated Hayley or Victoria Vileness are all bad choices.

    Cat woman was great with her tongue, if you know what I'm saying!
  • Don't choose a name with a sexual double meaning. For example, Pussy Girl, Ms. Vibro or Filthy Wanton Whore.

  • Try not to make your name too much of an alliteration e.g. Major Mind Master Mistress Mudala.

  • If you have are from a small hick town don't draw attention to this fact Dr Reckless from Whangaparaoa, Mr Zany from Birkenhead or Captain Evil of Guatamala.

  • If you have a military title make sure it is high ranking enough, Private Troubles or Lieutenant Dan won't impress anyone.

To help you do this you can go to the following website and use the The Automatic Super Villian Name Generator.

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