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Support your local Super Hero!

Crimefighting, and superhero shenanagins don't come cheap, so if you wanted to do your bit then feel free to give generously to this excellent cause!

Money raised will not go to people that really need it, but it WILL result in me being able to get more cool equipment, and then making more humour!

     Super Hero Equipment Wish List: You can now help, by buying me the super equipment directly from my wish list from Amazon

The next item I am saving up for is: Underwear.

Commision some antics For as little as $2.00 you can commision me to do a certain superhero / safety activity which I will then complete on payment! There will be video or photo proof! But you will need to email me your request. For example, "Fun with Meat" *Remember to remove the "evil" from my email address to be able to send email!

Donations: Alternatively you could donate however much, or as little as you like, using PayPal or Credit Card!:

Donate (Original) Music:

If you have any wicked beats music and you want us to look to include it on our video clips etc, just email it through, with a quick blurb saying that we can use it in TV shows etc, as long as we credit you for it.. Donate music *Remember to remove the "evil" to be able to send email!

(Original) Funny or silly video clips or Pics

If you have a video or webcam, you can get involved in the Zany International Costume Project, or if you work through some of the antics, as long as you have some (ideally good quality) film footage, then we can add this to the show as well! Donate Clips! *Remember to remove the "evil" from the email address to be able to send email to me!

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