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General > TV Believe it or not, Captain Safety is making the step to TV! We have just starting filming , and for those of you that just can't wait, I found some old video clips. And edited some of the new footage also Rather jolly fun!

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General > Support For a very small donation, you can commision me to do some antics of your choosing! For example "Fun at McDonalds", Photo or video proof will be supplied! Also I have completed an Amazon wishlist showing all the sorts of things that a superhero would love to get as a gift ;-)

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Super Hero > Fighting1. In the first frame we face off and prepare to fight
2. I utilise an ancient and deeply powerful mind control technique..


General > Horoscopes
Libra ..Now please free-associate on the following memes: 1) the pain that heals; 2) a shadow that sheds light; 3) an invisible ally; 4) a secret that makes love grow; 5) an underworld garden; 6) a mighty fairy godmother disguised as a bullet-proof wolf. These are updated weekly!

Dressssuupp! The ZANY International Super Hero Outfit Project: The main objective of The ZANY International Super Hero Outfit Project is to get some photo or even better - some video! of you and your friends in different super hero outfits in various different poses, which you can send through to Captain Safety (Heaps of Fun!).

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