Hm Captain SAFETY ////

How to "Spade" or "Stud" your way into scoring!

Captain Safety presents some skills that were taught to him by an Australian showing techniques to pick up "Chicks" at a "Bar".

For the record, Captain Safety is KIWI from NEW ZEALAND a different and far superior country

In the first frame we demonstrate the pointing movement that drives the women crazy. The pointed finger move is super!

Next we demonstrate how to point at your genitals. This subtle body language sends subliminal messages to females of your virility!

The "Hump Move" is awesome

The same "Hump Move" from the side angle

Often simple fingering can work a treat!

As does nipple rubbing. This will often make them hard.

If you are drinking you should use body language to demonstrate your ability to hold your piss (Alcohol) and blatent richness!

If a woman asks directions be sure to pose your muscles to demonstrate your muscled torso (Or Fat torso if that may be the case)

If you buy enough drinks for your potential lover she will see you differently

Richer and more handsome..

If you are going to stretch. Make it look good!

The final move demonstrates your ability to hold your own balls AND if you are really skilled DRINK BEER TOO!!

This macho display is more than enough to send her over the edge and want to make sweet loving immediately!

You can go practice this now if you like.

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