Hm Captain SAFETY ////

Captain SAFETY Says:

Captain Safety wanted to pick someone elses nose for a change!

Never watch infomercials! They make you believe their lies!

If you intend to swerve randomly on the road, be sure to use your hazard lights

Remember a spare pair of underwear.

Try not to walk on the middle of the road, but if you do, remember to put a hand up so people know that you could be a hazard.

Don't do rugs

Always bring a gun to a knife fight!

If you drink and drive then fall over and vomit in your car your are a frickin goober!

(It is OK to drink water or apple juice in moderation)

Friends don't let friends drink and hit on friends girlfriends.

Always put a rubber hat on Mr Pknobknob (condom)

When using heavy machinery be sure to be alert!

Never put a fork into a power plug.

When using a chainsaw try not to cut your leg off.

Never share knitting needles (You don't know where they have been!)

Don't lick a sharp knife (You could lacerate your tongue)

If you are having a fit try not to bash your head.

If you take drugs tell someone what you are doing that way if something goes wrong they will know what to do.

Use Bandaids on open wounds

Never talk to strangers unless you know them.

Be prepared

Don't drive and talk on a cell phone at the same time, unless of course it is someoe you want to talk to.

Never smile at a Crocodile.

Remember to re-hydrate!

Captain Safety - If you see this post show up elsewhere, unattributed, please let the poster know the proper credit. .

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