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Mcdonald's Super size Combo

Ronald was discussing sexual relations with Mother Bogan Hero

I go undercover and do some gritty real-life investigative journalism to find the real truth about Mcdonalds Super Size Combos.

Hi there welcome to Mcdonalds [store name] how can I help you?

I want to talk to a Manager

Sure I wont be a moment (Goes and gets Manager)

Hello this is Englebert Humperdink. [I have changed his name was changed to protect his identity]

I was just wanting to ask you a few questions about your menu if that is OK?

Certainly what did you want to know?

There have been reports that you have something called a Super Size, can you tell me about this?

Ah..Well it is just the next size up for your chips and coke

So you get more chips and coke, and you call this a Super Size you say?


Well I have eaten one of them and no offence but at at the end of the day, I mean I can understand that you might well think your product is pretty good but we are really just talking about mayby a third of a potato and about 10 mil more coke. In my eyes that hardly warrants SUPER as a title, do you?

I am not sure..

What about "bit bigger" or "almost super?

That isn't really up to me, maybe you should be talking to Head Office, I can get you the number..

So you personally feel quite justified in using the word super to describe this small contribution.

Well..Yes..but at the end of the day you should probably be following this with Head Office their number is XXX XXXX

Hello Mcdonalds Support

I want to talk to someone about your Super Combo.

and what was this regarding

Do you think this is a bit of an exaggeration?

Excuse me?

The dictionary defines super as Super: Significantly superior in size, quality or number

Exaggerate: To represent as greater than is actually the case Hmm?

I think you might want to talk to Mike he normally handles this sort of thing do you mind holding?

No I quite like it [She didn't hear me because she had already put me on hold though I suspect this was a hypothetical question anyway]

Hello this is Mike speaking

Hi there Mike Englebert said that the Super combo is acceptable for a name for the super combos

I personally think the term super almost doesn't sell it enough!


So what you are saying is that your company feel that it owns the copyright to the word Super do you?

No No, I just think that we can use the word like everyone else

Aren't you just trying to cash in on the highly successful Super Hero Genre as a whole and this whole charade is simply a tactic to trick the average punter into thinking he or she is getting something like a super hero, or that by eating a super combo that they are going to become super by doing this.

I'm sorry I don't think I follow..

But thats not true is it? Yeah eating lots of your burgers would tend to make you fat or break out in pimples eh? which is the opposite of Super isn't it

Well technically we have done quite a lot of research that our burgers and meals provide quite a healthy option as part of a healthy diet, I am probably not the best person to talk to but I can put you through to a Dietician if you want to discuss this with her, she doesn't work in the Office but is available to discuss things like that with the Press.

That sounds great! [Took number and called her]

Tried to call a few times and got through to the wrong departments, Vicky works for the local University in the Food research department thingy

Hello Vicky Speaking

Hi there I was given your number from Mike from Mcdonalds

Oh sure how can I help?

Mike tells me that you are putting more Coke in the Super Combos is that that correct?

Yes it is part of the combo

Dont you think that is a bit unusual?

I am not too sure what you mean, most of the fast food chains do it.

What put Coke in with the meals!


Isn't that pretty unhealthy?

Well not really it contains a lot of good things that the body needs, liquids sugars for energy

What about being addictive?

What do you mean the caffiene in the

No the Coke! I remember last time I was on coke all I wanted to do was have some more

It can have that effect

I'll Say! In fact I feel like some Coke right now! Look I have to go and have a whole heap of Coke and go do something fun!

OK. thanks. Goodbye..

See you!!

In conclusion I feel that Mcdonalds are very professional and I am not entirely sure that they realised that I was having a bit of a joke but they were great to chat with

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