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The ZANY International Super Hero Outfit Project

The Radioactive Avengers from the Future with astoundingly Extensive abilities

The main objective is to get some photos of you and your friends in different super hero outfits in various different poses, which you can send through to Captain Safety to put up with various captions, (See reference Super Hero > Super Heroes) hence making you FAMOUS, POPULAR and INCREADIBLE! You can submit your own caption if you wish.

The Auckland NEW ZEALAND Super Project is looking well on it's way, with around 10 volunteers Captain Safety included, and we have about 5 costume places that have Super outfits. So this is down to my disorganisation to get a date that suits us all..

But I hear you ask "Captain Safety, How can I get free super ZANY photos of me and my friends?"

You need to have a way of getting as many photos together as cheaply or ideally completely free as possible. The following are some suggestions that I have come up with that should do the trick..

Step 1

Option 1
Contact several local costume hire places in your area. I used the yellow pages website for example

Tell them that you are working as a freelance journalist, writing an article for a website.

This website is reviewing the service, quality and range of costumes in their area. Then you can mention that as an example, if you were wanting to go, oh gee I don't say a super hero party what sort of costumes do they have? I like this because it is 100 % true no lying involved at all and also pretty much free and a really fun outing for all!

Option 2
My mate has broken his leg and is in hospital and we were going to hold a party in his ward, but he can't get out to try the stuff on so would you mind if we could take photos up for him to help him choose and also to cheer him up a bit.

If there are any people in hospital that are wanting to get cheered up we would love your services looking at the pictures. You can email me to notify everyone that we have a real person in hospital and that our story checks out.

Option 3
Actually have a super hero theme party and take photos of your friends there, This does take a lot more organisation and you might need to spend a bit more money on food and alchohol though.. having said that what a good excuse to get drunk and have a party!

Step 2
Take Photographs - the main object of this site is having fun, and a bit of a laugh so the wackier and CRAZIER the better.

Step 3 Write up the name of the hire place, how you found the service, and send this through to me with the photos at The Zany Super Project.

Good Luck and have fun!!

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